Fix checksums

Checksums are fixed every time file is saved.

So, there is 3 ways for checksum fixing:

  1. Open and save BIN-file
  2. Open BIN-file and click “Fix checksum of current file”
  3. Fix checksum for multiple files by clicking “Fix checksum of files…”


  • Multiple tables can be opened as “Multitable”

Automatic multitable

  • If two or more tables share common start of tablename followed by “.” and different ending, they are automatically opened as multitable. (Unless disabled by settings)
  • For example DTC.Codes and DTC.Mil_Enable
  • Another multitable separator is “[“
    • Example: K_Dyna_Air_Coefficient[1].Predicted_1_Ahead_Correction_4
  • More separators can be added:
    • Settings -> More settings -> Multitable chars

Manual multitable

  • Multiple tables can be manually selected and opened as multitable:
    • Select tables
    • Right click one table and select “Edit table(s)”
  • Table names are displayed between [ ] in multitable view

Filter tables

  • Tables can be filtered in Tuner by writing search string in Filter -textbox
  • Use | to select tables with one of search words
  • use & to select tables with all search words
  • Currently is not possible to use combination of | and & at same time

Tuner modes

  • By default, Tuner is in basic Tree-mode
    • Table opens as docked window when selected
  • In list mode table opens with doubleclick
  • In Advanced-mode all functions are available.
    • Table definitions can be modified
    • Table list editor is available in Utilities -menu

Swap Segment(s)

  • Open your BIN-file by clicking “Original file”

  • Open Segment Swap window
  • Select segment, you want to swap
  • Click “Extract from file…” and select file as segment swap source
  • If “Selected:” is correct, click “Apply”
  • If swap status is [OK] (in main window), click OK
  • Save your BIN file

Copy table from another BIN file

Start “Tuner”

  • Open source BIN-file first
  • Then open your destination BIN-file
  • Select table
  • Make sure you have correct source-file loaded
  • Right-click one table-cell and select “Copy table from compare”
  • The background color change to yellow in the modified cells
  • Save your BIN-file


Fill values to FlexFuel tables

Note: FlexFuel patch need more testing, use at your own risk!

Flex fuel sensor must be connected before Flex fuel is endabled from tune!

Use UniversalPatcher version 0.17.113 or later, FlexFuel patch is not included, or is incomplete in older versions.

  • Open Tuner
  • Open your BIN
  • Select Utilities -> Apply patch…
  • Select Flex fuel patch
  • Click “Apply selected patch”

  • Make sure “Applied: xxx Bytes” appears.
  • Close patch window and save your BIN file

FlexFuel sensor wiring

  • 12V Ignition
  • Ground
  • Signal to PCM Blue 56

DTC disable

  • Start “Tuner”
  • Open your BIN-file
  • Select Category-view
  • Select DTC.Codes -Table
  • Select DTC Code to disable
  • Set code status to 3: Disabled
  • Set MIL status to 0
  • Save your BIN


New LS1 Tuning Tool [Universal Patcher]

After months of development and years of gathering info, the free ls1 tuning tool is finally here.
It is still a beta version so expect bugs and improvements.

Developed as a joint project between joukoy and kur4o.

Special Thanks to anyone who donated files and other valuable information to the project.

Extract to a folder and run from there. Microsoft .net 4.0 is required.

With Universal Patcher you can:

  • Fix checksums for almost any GM binary file.
  • Check if your file is stock by CVN.
  • Segment swapping.
  • Create patches by comparing 2 files.
  • Edit and tune LS1 and v6 Fwd files.
  • Edit DTCs.
  • Create checksum and tuner definition files.

Almost any feature is user configurable but that will be in the advanced feature list which is to follow.