New LS1 Tuning Tool [Universal Patcher]

After months of development and years of gathering info, the free ls1 tuning tool is finally here.
It is still a beta version so expect bugs and improvements.

Developed as a joint project between joukoy and kur4o.

Special Thanks to anyone who donated files and other valuable information to the project.

Extract to a folder and run from there. Microsoft .net 4.0 is required.

With Universal Patcher you can:

  • Fix checksums for almost any GM binary file.
  • Check if your file is stock by CVN.
  • Segment swapping.
  • Create patches by comparing 2 files.
  • Edit and tune LS1 and v6 Fwd files.
  • Edit DTCs.
  • Create checksum and tuner definition files.

Almost any feature is user configurable but that will be in the advanced feature list which is to follow.