Universal Patcher started its life as a simple LS1 segment swap tool called PCM BinBuilder.

Later some checksum algorithm and simple patch module was added to make sure you have a valid file ready to flash.
Getting other PCM support to the list started the Universal Patcher project. Fully modular and user configurable design, keeping the hardbuilt features to a minimum.
First on the list was the checksum module, than an autodetect
algorithm to detect the bin file type was added.
A CVN module detecting stock bin files followed shortly.

The more we dig into binary files, it was clear that a good, highly sofisticated search engine is needed to make a new unique features reality.
The search engine made possible finding bin tables based on opcode search accross different operating systems.
It opened the door for completely new design tuner module with higly advanced features not available even on high$$ commercial products.
Opening multiple bins force some major rewrite but the result is oustanding.
The project is currently under active developement with more exciting features to come.